What is a Smurf account? All You Need To Know!

A Smurf is a highly skilled player who is using an account that ranks lower than his main account. A smurf account is a secondary account that smurf uses.

Why Do People Use Smurfs?

There are a lot of different reasons that high ranked players choose Smurf.

Want to play under a different name. Maybe they don’t like their current Summoner name and want to try a new one. Owning a Smurf account gives them that luxury.

They are fighting in their main range. At the higher end of the game, every match is a grueling and mentally draining battle. Having an account that is played in for additional relaxation helps players manage their stress and the inclination to avoid.

People want to play with their friends who are new to the game. In most competitive games, including League of Legends, you cannot play ranked matches with someone who is much lower in rank than you. This prevents veterans from helping introduce their friends to the game. You can get League of Legends smurf to get a solution to this problem.

Players can use Smurf beads to practice new builds and champions. Rather than jump straight into a high-level game, expert players take the time to test their new ideas. A Smurf account allows you to do this. So, you can get the account from Instant Smurfs.

So they can play in different regions. Modifying regions in League of Legends costs money each time you want to change. It is more affordable to have an individual account in different regions (NA, EU, etc.) that pays to change each time in the same account.

Rising to the top again presents good players with a new challenge. If you already have the maximum rank with your main account, why not do it again?

It’s fun. Being able to relax and roll face to face with some Noob players is a joy. Sure it’s not much fun for stomping people, but it does have a blast.

Where Does Smurfing Come From?

Smurfing has a pretty fantastic origin story. It starts one-way copy, during the days of Warcraft Two. There was a legendary player, known and feared everywhere for his prowess on the battlefield. He was so skilled, so lethal, that the mere sight of his name would cause his opponents to decline and leave their matches. His name was Shlonglor.

Shlonglor time became fed up with people refusing her invitations. No practice was being done, and his ability began to decline. Thus, he, along with his warp playmate, came up with a solution. They made new Warcraft Two accounts with the intention of hiding their true identity.

These accounts were named “Papa Smurf” and “Smurfette” respectively, and thus began the bloodshed of the Noob players. That day the legend of the smurf was born. Since then other expert players have adopted the name and the idea. Smurfing officially became the title assigned to practice by competitive gamers around the world.

Hopefully, this has shed some light on the phenomenon known as smurfing and opened your eyes to the possibility of owning a smurf account yourself.

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