Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery | Her Before vs After Looks

If you have reached here then it possibly means that you are curious about if Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery rumors, true or not?

Jennifer Aniston’s glorious skin along with the fit body is enough to make her one of the most attractive women in the world. However, she always claimed that her beauty is all-natural and she hasn’t taken any help from cosmetic surgery procedures.

Jennifer Aniston Stance On Her Plastic Surgery Allegations

It’s a fact that many of the Hollywood stars opted to go for nip and tuck to make themselves look flawless and younger. But according to Jennifer, she doesn’t have relations to any such things.

Since Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery is a very controversial one, therefore, her fans need to know the real truth. In this post, we will try finding facts about Jennifer’s going under the knife!

Jennifer Aniston Then and Now

Jen has got a good sense of humor, and she’s taken most of the cosmetic surgery rumors lightly. However, we can’t underestimate the fact that Jennifer has gone through a lot of transformation over the years. Her recent look is quite different from what it has been previously. Below we have discussed some of the changes in Jennifer’s body features that are indicating her possible plastic surgery.

 Jennifer Aniston Nose Job

Talking to an exclusive interview with People Magazine in 2007, Jennifer Aniston acknowledged that she got her nose operated for medical reasons. After analyzing her before and after photo anyone can say that there are major changes to Jennifer’s nose. Earlier, her nose appears to be a little bulkier. However, now it has become very thin suggesting a possible rhinoplasty. So we can say that Jennifer Aniston might have gotten a nose job back to sometime in her career.

Jennifer Aniston Chin Implant

According to surgeons, chin augmentation using surgical implants are now more popular than breast augmentation! It’s very common for celebrities to get chin implants as many of them want their face to look attractive. Jennifer, however, hasn’t addressed if she has chin lift surgery.

It seems like Jennifer still has the identical chiseled chin and jawline that she used to have 25 years back from now. According to Jennifer’s fans, her chin is one of the best features of her personality. Moreover, and it looks very natural with no major treatment.

Jennifer Aniston Lip Fillers

Some of the Jennifer Aniston fans even believe that she had lip injections or fillers! Her lips have remained thin over the years, still, if you need any proof, just look at the above “before” and “after” images. Still, her lips look pretty much natural, even at age 50. 


After analyzing some of the photos of Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery, we are convinced that she has gotten a few operations over the years. Jennifer has sustained a natural appearance by keeping her surgery goals modest. Her fans would not get affected, even if she has gone through cosmetic surgeries. Since they always like the way Jennifer looks!

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