Best Mobile Home Doorknobs For 2020

Best mobile home doorknobs

When it comes to the security of your home your priority is always having the best doorknobs. If we talk about mobile home doorknobs there are a variety of options available from which you can install the best mobile home doorknobs for your home. Therefore, you have to choose the best one for the security of your home, but the question arises which one is the best of all? Selecting from several options it could be difficult. We truly understand your confusion, so we are here to make your selection easier and help you out in securing your home.

Securing Home With The Best Mobile Home Doorknobs

As we have mentioned there a lot of variety available in mobile home door locks. They make a difference in size, strength, design, consistency, price, operation, etc. some of them are available with doorknobs and some of them are available indoor handle. Though you can install according to your door type and convenience.

While opting for any type of mobile home doorknobs you need to do at least a little research to have a clear idea which one would be better for your home. As well you can consult any experienced mobile home manufacturer who will help you in finding out the best mobile home doorknob.

The Best Mobile Home Doorknobs:

1- Deadbolt Knob:

Deadbolt knob contains features of premium metal construction. Having two major types of locks available in the market that are a single cylinder and double cylinder. Most of the mobile home manufacturers refer to the deadbolt knob for higher security. These deadbolts don’t have any springing mechanism.

2- Mortise locks:

Mortise locks are one of the best security for mobile homes as these locks provide higher security to homeowners. These locks required a pocket, though these locks come with a deadbolt. They are operated by using the key or knob from any side of the door.

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3- Cylindrical locks:

A cylindrical lock is designed to install on the doors with a handle on the side that retracts when turned.

The main advantage of installing cylindrical locks at home is that they are quick in installing. Only two holes through drill machines one over one side of the door and the other from the strike edge of the door.

4- Privacy locksets:

Privacy locksets are one of the best locksets for interior doors for your mobile homes. Though, these privacy locksets are available in a wide range of patterns, sizes, prices, designs, strengths, etc. They offer higher security for your homes.

These locks come up with the features of locking doors by a button instead of using a key. Generally, these locksets have emergency access and exit if needed in an alarming situation.

5- Digital locks:

Digital locks or electronic locks, these locks are keyless as they do not require any keys.  They offer the best security because they are used with digital remotes, fingerprints, audio detection, or password that the owner has set for the door.

Digital locks make entry difficult for any stranger. People who are looking for such security should opt for this one.

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